Turova Liudmila

Turova Liudmila, born in 1980.

EDUCATION: 1999 – special secondary (Glukhov medical college – medical assistant);
2005 – Sumy State University, Medical Institute; general practice, specialization – pediatrics;
2007 – MD of medicine;
2010 – postgraduate study course at Sumy State University, specialization – pediatrics;
2012 - specialization in genetics;
Scientific degree: Candidate of medical sciences;
2014 - second degree MD of Management, Marketing and Economics (innovation management).

2005 to current time – pediatrician, geneticist, perinatologist. Currently the medical-genetic center "Mama Papa", "МDI", Kiev.
2007 to current time – Senior Researcher of the Department of Pediatrics with a course of Medical Genetics of the Medical Institute of Sumy State University.

Scientific and methodical work, medical and consultative work, organization and management of clinical and preclinical research.

Candidate of Medical Sciences, I have got more than 80 scientific papers, 4 patents, co-author of the national textbook on neonatology and pediatrics. I read lectures and practical classes for students, interns, graduate students (the author of methodical recommendations on medical genetics and perinatology in English). Author and founder of the School of Modern Dietology. Lecturer of the School of Happy Parents. 2011 to current time – The scientific consultant of the companies of manufacturers of children's and medical nutrition and also innovative medical technologies.

I made presentations at congresses, conferences, incl. and international, trainings for family doctors and pediatricians, neonatologists, obstetrician-gynecologists, cosmetologists. Trainings for trade and medical staff of companies of well-known brands, writing scientific and methodical and promotional materials.

Personal abilities: Communicative and creative, active life position, ability to compromise, leadership skills, ability to work with the audience.

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Languages – Russian, Ukrainian, spoken English;

ORCID https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4481-3009 
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