Moiseenko V.O.

MOYSEYENKO VALENTYNA OLEKSIYIVNA - Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Vice-President of the Department of Natural Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, receives the Scholarship of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Elected as an active member of the ERA-EDTA European Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation Association and ISN International Nephrology Society.

Graduated from high school with a gold medal. Specialized in medical treatment at the medical faculty of the Kyiv Medical Institute, with a Diploma (1987). Studied at the clinical residency of the Kyiv Medical Institute (1987-1989) and completed a course in therapy with a course of acupuncture, interned at the Water Transport Workers Hospital base (now Kyiv State Institute Republican Clinical Hospital of Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine). After full-time postgraduate study (1989-1990), completed and defended ahead of schedule her PhD, Microwave resonance therapy of reflux-esophagitis (1990), and her doctoral dissertation, Clinical evaluation of physical methods for diagnosis and treatment of gastroduodenal zone lesions in patients with chronic glomerulonephritis (2000). She defended a Ph.D. thesis (1990) and a doctoral dissertation (2000). Developed from a clinical intern, a post-graduate student, an assistant, and a senior lecturer, into a professor, acting head of the department of propaedeutics of internal medicine № 2 of the O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University (2014-2015). Main directions of scientific activity are therapy, gastroenterology, and nephrology. Three PhDs and one magisterial dissertation have been defended under her guidance. For a series of scientific works, two Prof. VO Moyseyenko students – Olena Karpenko (Biyakova) and Olga Parafenko – received the Academic Prize of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine for young scientists in the field of medicine for 2005. Research interests include immunonutrition, nutrition science, and history of medicine. Has two Higher qualification categories - therapy and nephrology, and specialization in gastroenterology. Has a Certificate of Good Clinical Practice issued by the German Medical Association. Has experience in conducting multicenter research, which she led as a researcher and chief researcher. Introduced to clinical practice: a treatment method for ulcer disease combined with pyelonephritis, a rehabilitation method for patients with chronic glomerulonephritis combined with chronic gastroduodenitis, a prevention method for urate-oxalate crystalluria and others. Published 596 scientific works (113 of them as the sole author, 40 in English-language international publications, including 27 books (4 textbooks, 12 manuals, 4 monographs, 6 dictionaries), 7 methodological recommendations, 21 patent for her inventions and useful models, numerous innovations.

Has been an editor of the annual NMU publication, “Actual Problems of Nephrology”, certified by the State Accreditation Commission of Ukraine, for 24 issues in a row. Performed as the acting chief editor for the 25th issue. Launched the website that hosts every electronic issue of “Actual Problems of Nephrology”.
Co-authors educational and test programs on internal medicine, manuals "Emergency Conditions", "Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases", "First Pre-Treatment Assistance", "Diagnosis and Treatment of Kidney Diseases", "Internal Medicine" (Ukrainian, Russian), "Gastroenterology”, monograph "Routine Therapy. Ordinatio Antihomotoxica et Materia Medica (Georgia)". Member of two Specialized Scientists' Councils (from internal diseases and nephrology at the State University "Institute of Nephrology, the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine"). The responsible secretary of the specialty "Actual problems of nephrology", a member of the editorial board of the magazines "Practicing doctor", the Ukrainian version of the German magazine "International Journal for Biomedical Research & Therapy" and a number of other magazines. Is a member of the National Federation of Scientific Analysts of the Republic of Ukraine at the World Federation of Scientific Analysts in the field of Medical Sciences, an international expert in the National Championship for Scientific Analysis (London, UK). Trained in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Poland, Georgia, Moldova, Bulgaria, and Italy.

Moyseyenko V.O. is a member of the presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukrainian Association of Nephrologists, National Medical Council, member of the Audit Commission of the Ukrainian Therapeutic Society. Member of the CMC for therapeutic disciplines. In the framework of fundamental and clinical disciplines integration in the NMU teaching, she chaired the commission "Content analysis of the Latin language department curriculum program". She is a co-author of the Unified clinical protocols of secondary (specialized) and tertiary (highly specialized) medical care "Treatment of patients with chronic kidney disease in stage V: diagnosis and correction of malnutrition".

Attracts public attention to the problems of palliative medicine through "Rehabilitation and Palliative Medicine. International Journal of Rehabilitation and Palliative Medicine". Participated in the round table "The Concept of Academic Integrity: Actual Problems and Solutions" with the support of the American Councils for International Education ACTR and ACCELS. Authored the book “Beneficence and charity in Ukraine”, 2020.

Received awards:

• Order of the "Medical Olympus of Ukraine"
• Medal "Honoring Community Service and Professional Achievement" (USA, 2005)
• Medal "For a significant contribution to the development of education and science"
• Medal "For success in scientific and pedagogical activities"
• Medal of the Holy Filaret- Patriarch of Kyiv and All Rus-Ukraine "For sacrifice and love to Ukraine"
• O.O. Bogomolets medal
• Diploma of the Mayor of Kyiv
• Certificate of Honor of the International Academy of Education and Science of the International Academy of Education and Science "For High Professionalism and Significant Contribution to the Development of Education and Science"
• Diploma of the ANU of Ukraine "For a significant personal contribution to the development of education and multi-year fruitful scientific activity"
• Diplomas in the nominations "Best study guide", "Best invention of the year", "For a series of scientific works - Actual problems of nephrology", "For a significant contribution to the development of domestic medicine" within the framework of the All-Ukrainian View start project.

She is a prize-winner in scientific analytics in the framework of the Global International Scientific and Analytical Project GISAP (2013, 2015), awarded the Silver Medal for Scientific Work from the International Academy of Sciences and Higher Education (London, UK) - International Academy of Science and High Education World Research Analytics Federation for the best analytical work (Silver decoration, 2014).


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