Kozidubova Valentina

Kozidubova Valentina Mikhailovna, born in 1950. She graduated from Kharkiv Medical Institute in 1972. 3 From 1974 to 1983 she worked as a junior researcher in the Department of Neuroses and Borderline States of the Research Institute of OZDP. 3 In 1983, after defending her PhD thesis, she was enrolled in the position of assistant at the Department of Psychiatry of the Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. In 1992 she defended her dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences in psychiatry on the topic: "Depression in adolescents." 3 1993 and to this day heads the Department of Psychiatry. In 1997 she received the title of professor.
The Department of Psychiatry of KhMAPE is a reference in the system of postgraduate education. The department trains doctors in the following specialties:
psychiatry, child psychiatry, forensic psychiatric examination; training in internship, on cycles of specialization, internship, thematic improvement is carried out; training of general practitioners-family medicine on the issues of providing psychiatric care to patients with mental disorders; training of foreign specialists in the clinical residency.
Under the leadership of Kozidubova VM scientific work of the department is carried out; defended candidate and doctoral dissertations; Currently, 2 doctoral and 2 candidate dissertations are being actively supervised. In the scientific works the employees of the department develop questions concerning schizophrenia and schizophrenic-like states, affective pathology, including the study of age aspects. Recently, the main areas of research of the department are modern aspects of the study of mental disorders of organic origin and their differential diagnosis with endogenous diseases. According to the results of scientific research, 8 monographs were published.

Kozydubova Valentyna Mykhailivna is the author and co-author of many textbooks, monographs, scientific works, including over 100 for the last 5 years. According to the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Kozidubova VM led the preparation and publication of the National Textbook "Psychiatry" for postgraduate training of doctors and interns in 2013, which was awarded the First Prize: in the competition of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine "Best Textbook of the Year".
Kozidubova Valentina Mikhailovna is a member of the Specialized Academic Council for the Defense of Dissertations at KhMAPO; member of the editorial board of the journals: "Medical Psychology", "Eastern European Journal of Internal and Family Medicine", "International Medical Journal".
Kozidubova Valentina Mikhailovna for the last 5 years took part in work of 85 scientific forums, conferences, including international.
During the last year, together with the teaching staff of the department, works were published, including at the international level, in Scopus publications.

Kozidubova VM, Doluda SM, Goncharov VE, Barycheva EM, Gurnitsky OV The role of depression in medical practice // Eastern European Journal of Internal and Family Medicine: scientific-practical. magazine. from distance education.- Kharkiv. - 2019. - № 2. - P. 30-36
Kozidubova VM, Doluda SM, Goncharov VE, Baricheva EN, Gurnitsky AV, Vakulenko AV Formation of adherence to psychopharmacotherapy in patients with paranoid schizophrenia with the help of psychocorrection // Psychiatry, psychotherapy and clinical psychology: international. scientific-practical magazine. - Minsk: Professional publications. - 2019. - Volume 10, № 4. - P. 629 - 637

In recent years, educational and methodological publications have been prepared for use in the pedagogical process.
Early childhood autism and paraautistic disorders. V.M. Kozidubova with co-authors.
Educational and methodical manual for independent work of students. - Kharkiv: KhMAPO. - 2018 - 36 p.
Electronic textbook "Fundamentals of Key Psychopharmacology" (nootropic drugs) "Kozidubova VM, Doluda SM, Goncharov VE, Barycheva EM, Gurnitsky OV, Korzh AV, 2018 p.
Hyperactivity syndrome in children. Ed. V.M. Kozidubova sang with her participation. Educational and methodical manual for independent work of students. - Kharkiv: KhMAPO. - 2019 - 36 p.
Hyperkinetic and behavioral disorders. V.M. Kozidubova with her with co-authors. Methodical manual for independent work of students. - Kharkiv: KhMAPO. - 2019 - 39 p.
Periodization of individual development in child psychiatry. V.M. Kozidubova sang with co-authors.

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