Knigavko Oleksandr

Knigavko Oleksandr Volodimirovich, was born on 17.07.1979 in Kharkov, Ukraine. 1996 entered Kharkov State Medical University (KhSMU), graduated from 2002 with the diploma with distinction.

Since August 2002 till now worked as a doctor – urologist- andrologist in the Kharkov Regional Clinical Centre of Urology and Nephrology. It is the biggest Urological center in Europe for 420 beds with highly specialized departments including Andrological department for 30 beds where I’ve worked for 18 years.
In February 2008 I obtained PhD degree for work “Influence of group agglutinogens secretion on course and treatment of male sexual tract infection”.

In 2013 had one month Urology and Andrology fellowship in AKH, Vienna, Austria.

In 2019 obtained degree Doctor of Science and obtained position of Professor.

At this time leading scientist researcher in Problem Laboratory of Andrology and Human Reproduction and Professor on department of Urology, Nephrology and Andrology of Kharkiv National Medical University. Teach students and young doctors Urology and Andrology. According to my experience in Andrology eveloped 2weeks training course like “Male infertility” and Erectile dysfunction”, “Ejaculatory disorders” for adult doctors. According to results of the work and chosen specialization 180 works are published in the medical issues (20 of them in international Journals), the thesis of the reports are represented at scientific - practical conferences and congresses of Miami, Beijing, Paris, Lisbon, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Dubai, Istanbul. Author of next monographies “Male infertility”, “Clinical Andrology’, “Ejaculatory disorders”
At that time work as urologist and andrologist more than 18 years. Every day consult 20-30 patients with andrological problem (Male infertility, Erectile Dysfunction, premature and retrograde ejaculation, STI, prostatitis and another disease of male sexual tract). Each month operate 30-50 patients with andrological problems (varicocele, hypospadias, urethral stricture, corporoplasty for Peyronie’s disease, phalloprosthesis for ED, penile length and girth enlargement…). Developed and patented some operations for treatment ED, Premature ejaculation and male infertility. General approved 19 patents for inventions, new methods of treatment and new technic of operation. Last patent was devoted to treatment form of erectile dysfunction caused by venous leakage with autological stem cells, PRP microinjection and venoocclusive surgery.

In 2003-2005 took part in Ukrainian part of INUENDO project (AllEuropean research influence of dioxins on human reproductive function) as andrologist.

From 2014 member of European and International Society of Sexual Medicine. I have presented some of my works during 16th - 21th annual ESSM congresses. From 2017 year member of American Soceity of Andrologists. From 2020 member of Arab Association of Urology.

Research Interests and spheres of professional activity: Erectile Dysfunction (conservative treatment, PRP injection, stem cell treatment, Penile prosthesis implantation), Ejaculatory disorders (PE, RE delay ejaculation), Male Infertility, Peyronie’ disease, urethral stricture, STD, influence of electromagnetic fields of cellular phones on male sexual and reproductive function, question of ethiopathogenesis and treatment of relapsed urolithiasis, Male climax, penile dysmorphophobias connected with penile curvature.