• Олександр Кнігавко MD, DSc, Chief Researcher, Professor of the Department of Urology, Nephrology and Andrology, Kharkiv National Medical University
  • Дарина Балюк 4th year student of Kharkiv National Medical University
  • Юрій Макаров rehabilitation doctor, osteopath, chiropractor, MC «Makarov Y.S. Pain Treatment Office»
  • Сергій Чеканов Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of Urology and Nephrology, Odesa National Medical University
Keywords: neurogenic form of erectile dysfunction; platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy; paravertebral injections of PRP; intracavernous injections of PRP; osteochondrosis and erectile dysfunction


Introduction. In recent years, there have been more and more episodes of men seeking medical care in order to restore erectile function. It is also relates to a neurogenic form of ED associated with osteochondrosis which is widespread and quite difficult to treat. In this regard, new methods of therapy are being introduced in urological practice, including the use of platelet-rich autoplasma. The effectiveness of the use of PRP in andrology has been proven by numerous studies, including the work of M.E. Chalyi and M.V. Epifanova, where the effect of PRP on the restoration of erectile function in case of damage to the cavernous nerves was studied.


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