• Валентина Мойсеєнко Bogomolets National Medical University, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, MD, Professor
Keywords: functional non-ulcer dyspepsia, chronic pyelonephritis


Introduction. Infectious and inflammatory kidney disease – chronic pyelonephritis – is a widespread disease and has a long course. Prolonged medical treatment can provoke the appearance of abdominal and (or) dyspeptic syndrome, for the correction of which cytoprotective therapy is appropriate. Itopride hydrochloride (itopride) is known to be widely used in the clinic of internal medicine, in particular for the relief of gastrointestinal symptoms of functional non-ulcer dyspepsia (FND).
Goal. The aim of our study was to study the dynamics of clinical symptoms and functional status of the gastric and duodenal mucosa in patients with manifestations of TNF on the background of CP without signs of chronic renal failure.
Materials and methods. Two groups of patients: 32 patients with PN with manifestations of functional non-ulcer dyspepsia, which formed the main group; The comparison group was a group of 30 patients who were treated exclusively allopathically without the appointment of itopride hydrochloride, which by age, sex and clinical form of CP probably did not differ from the main group.
Results and discussion. Pathology of the digestive system was manifested by the phenomena of moderate exacerbation (31.07%) or unstable remission (68.93%). Provoking factors in the emergence of diseases of the digestive system were emotional stress, eating disorders and bad habits, bad habits. The combination of several causal factors was determined in 75.8% of cases. According to the previous treatment of exacerbations of CP, due attention was not paid to the correction of lesions of the digestive system. The structure of clinical syndromes revealed the following symptoms from the digestive organs: pain (61.25%), dyspeptic (87.35%), astheno-autonomic syndrome (100%), autonomic disorders (61.76%). Dyspeptic syndrome manifested itself in the form of gastric and intestinal dyspepsia. External examination revealed a lining of the tongue in all patients. Feeling of discomfort in the epigastric region was observed in 37.12% of patients. In most cases, the pain was mild. Palpation revealed pain under the xiphoid process (35.56%), pyloroduodenal area (24.36%) and in both areas. In some patients (11.23%) palpation revealed pain in the absence of complaints from the digestive system. In the study of acid-forming function of the stomach by pH-metry, the predominance of hyperacid states was established. Unchanged gastric secretion (pH=1.6-2.2) was in 32.15% of patients, moderately increased (pH=1.3-1.5) in 31.45% of cases and moderately reduced (pH=2, 3-3.5) in 24.65% of patients.
Patients of the main group on the background of taking itopride hydrochloride noted a decrease in gastrointestinal manifestations. The dynamics of clinical symptoms of pain depending on the localization, which was detected by palpation. After a course of treatment, only 1 patient (3.12%) of the main group showed palpatory pain in the epigastric region, 2 (6.25%) – in the pyloroduodenal area (p <0.05). Whereas in the comparison groups these indicators are slightly worse.
Conclusions. Thus, when studying the clinical symptoms of GDZ in patients with FND on the background of CP in the dynamics of treatment found greater effectiveness in the group with the inclusion of itopride hydrochloride compared to standard treatment.


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