• Юрий Заседа MD, Urologyst, Andrologyst, PhD, Doctor of Science, CMO of Men’s Health Clinic, Kiev
  • Руслан Соломенный Urologyst of Men’sHealth Clinic, Kiev
  • Фарид Шыхалиев Urologyst of Men’sHealth Clinic, Kiev
Keywords: urology, andrology, infertility, spermogram


Purpose of the study – analysis of the eff ectiveness of combined use of «Tribex» and «Carliv» drugs at man`s infertility in the initial cycle of spermatogenesis.
Materials and methods. A clinical prospective study was conducted, in which 30 patients from the outpatient department of the «Men’s Health» clinic took part, who had a decrease in fertility (a pathology was detected in two consecutive studies of ejaculate, associated with excretory-toxic infertility).
Research results. The study found the high effi ciency of the combined use of «Treblex» and «Charles», in conjunction with the optional use of non-steroidal anti-infl ammatory drugs, anti-bacterial compounds and physiotherapeutic procedures on a number of spermogram indicators: volume, color, acidity, viscosity, number of sperm in 1 ml, total sperm count, sperm aggregation, mobility (group A + B), presence of leukocytes in sight, mucus.
Conclusions The expressed positive clinical eff ect of the use of «Tribex» and «Carliv» drugs on the bioreological characteristics of the seminal fl uid and the indicators of spermatogenesis (number and mobility of sperm) in excretory-toxic infertility in men was found.


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Заседа, Ю., Соломенный, Р., & Шыхалиев, Ф. (2017). EXPERIENCE OF COMBINED USE OF TRIBEX AND CARLIV IN EXCTRETORY-TOXIC INFERTILITY IN MEN. Men’s Health, Gender and Psychosomatic Medicine, (1-2), 44-50. https://doi.org/10.37321/UJMH.2017.0102-02

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