• Юрий Заседа MD, Urologyst, Andrologyst, PhD, Doctor of Science, CMO of Men’s Health Clinic, Kiev
  • Фарид Шыхалиев Urologyst of Men’sHealth Clinic, Kiev
  • Руслан Соломенный Urologyst of Men’sHealth Clinic, Kiev
Keywords: urology, prostate gland, prostatitis, spermogram


Purpose of the study – establish the eff ectiveness of «Ofor» and «Gynekit» use in sequential combined application in the therapy of prostate gland infl ammatory diseases, which associated with a specifi c and mixed microbial flora.
Materials and methods. A clinical prospective study was conducted, 30 patience of outpatient department of the «Men’s Health» clinic, suff ering from infl ammatory diseases of the prostate gland, took part in it. As methods of research, in addition to standard complex, the following were chosen: IN POUCH TV-test; Androfl or (PCR method); sonographic examination of the prostate and spermogram. Results of the study. The study found that in the general contingent clinical recovery was registered in 29 patients (96.7% of the total contingent), laboratory – in 27 cases (90% of the total contingent). The return of symptoms in 3 months was registered in 2 patients (6.7% of the total contingent).
Conclusions. The level of eff ectiveness of “Ofor” and “Gynekit” use in combination with a set of auxiliary pharmaco and physiotherapy for patients, who suff ering from infl ammatory diseases of the prostate gland, associated with specifi c and mixed microbial fl ora, reaches 96.7%. Analysis of the etiological variability of the clinical eff ect indicates the presence of single cases of incomplete eff ect of this therapeutic model, with the etiology of the disease associated with Trichomonas vaginalis.


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Заседа, Ю., Шыхалиев, Ф., & Соломенный, Р. (2017). EXPERIENCE OF USE OF OFOR AND GYNEKIT IN THE TREATMENT OF PROSTATITIS ASSOCIATED WITH SPECIFIC AND MIXED MICROBIAL FLORA. Men’s Health, Gender and Psychosomatic Medicine, (1-2), 39-43. https://doi.org/10.37321/UJMH.2017.0102-01

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