• Юрий Заседа MD, Urologyst, Andrologyst, PhD, Doctor of Science, CMO of Men’s Health Clinic, Kiev


Relevance. The development of reproductive technologies and techniques, the establishment of biological and immunological aspects of the reproductive process and the expansion of the use of biochemical research in routine practice, has led to the increasing attention to androurological disorders.
The aim of the study is a comparative analysis of the effectiveness of the therapeutic model using a combination of Serenoa repens extract (in the composition of the drug “Prostamol Uno”), selective antibiotic therapy and physiotherapy in the treatment of excretory-toxic infertility associated with chronic prostatitis.
Materials and methods. The study was conducted in a prospective study on parallel groups. The contingent of the study comprised 100 patients of the Clinic “Men’s Health” (Kiev), suff ering from chronic prostatitis and undergoing outpatient treatment for fertility disorders.
Results of the study. A comparison of the eff ectiveness of the therapeutic model using a combination of Serenoa repens extract (as part of the Prostamol Uno preparation), selective antibiotic therapy and physiotherapy, and a similar model without prescribing Prostamol Uno for the treatment of excretory-toxic infertility associated with chronic prostatitis.
Comparison criteria were the data of the expanded spermogram, the clinical questionnaire I-PSS and the level of interleukin-18 in the seminal plasma (established by the method of enzyme immunoassay).
Conclusions. The data confi rming the greater eff ectiveness of the model with respect to the spermiogram indices, namely: the volume and time of liquefaction of the seminal fluid; the number of spermatozoa in 1 ml of seminal fluid; presence of spermatozoa (group A + B); the number of leukocytes in the fi eld of vision; amount of mucus in the semen.
Also, when analyzing the clinical eff ects of the model in question, there are more pronounced changes in the symptoms of prostatitis, namely: rapid urination; weakening of the urine stream; reducing the quality of life; of the overall I-PSS score. The reliable effi cacy of the study model of treatment in normalizing the level of interleukin-18 in plasma of seminal fluid was also established.


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