• Юрий Заседа MD, Urologyst, Andrologyst, PhD, Doctor of Science, CMO of Men’s Health Clinic, Kiev
Keywords: platelet-rich plasma, low-intensity shock wave therapy, icariin, peyronie’s disease


Relevance. The spectrum of combined mechanisms of action of PRP-therapy, LISWT and LNP therapy suggests the clinical eff ect for patients with fi broplastic penile induration, which currently does not have conservative therapies that have suffi cient effi cacy.
The aim of the study was to determine the effi cacy of combined PRP-therapy with intracavernous activation of growth factors by LISWT method + LNP and ICA pharmacotherapy in treatment of fi broplastic penile induction.
Design. The study group comprised 23 patients of the Men’s Health Clinic in Kyiv, suff ering from fi broplastic penile inducing (Peyronie’s disease, ICD-10: N48.6) with erectile dysfunction.
Results of the study. A 6-month follow-up observation showed a reduction of pain during erection, a signifi cant improvement in erectile function, a total regression of the areas less than 25 mm2 and a signifi cant decrease in the density and area of the induration areas that over 25 mm2. Conclusions. It has been established that the therapeutic model of the combined use of PRP-therapy with intracavernous activation of growth factors by LISWT method + LOD + ICA in the treatment of fi broplastic penile induration, shows a pronounced clinical eff ect, which makes this therapeutic model a promising option for conservative correction of pain and erectile dysfunction in fi broplastic penile induration.


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